Friday, May 1, 2009

Leelanau Rosé creates new award in the Pacific Rim Competition

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam - I will either find a way or make one

"A rosé (From French: rosé, ‘pinkish’) wine has some of the color typical of a red wine, but only enough to turn it pink. The pink color can range from a pale orange to a vivid near-purple, depending on the grapes and wine making techniques." from wikipedia

The Leelanau Peninsula has long been known for it's natural beauty and in the past few decades Michigan's Little Finger Peninsula has emerged as a world-class wine region. Leelanau County is a peninsula that lies directly on the 45th parallel and is unique as a wine growing region because it is surrounded by Lake Michigan. When our Psenka famly moved to Leelanau County there were only two wineries in the whole County. I've been told there could be around 30 Small Winemakers Licenses in Leelanau County Michigan by mid 2009.

Locally we've known our Leelanau wine is among the best in the world for many years already. Our beaches and sunsets are among the best in the world and thus it make sense that our wines are too. The essence and character of our magnificent peninsula is embodied by Leelanau County's famous veteran wine maker Shawn Walters. Having grown up with Shawn in Leland Michigan, it is a joy to work with my childhood friend. Shawn crafts Psenkova wines from scratch using locally grown ingredients. Shawn is the wine maker for all Psenkova wines, including our Psenkova Cherry Mead and Psenkova Peach Apricot. Shawn also makes all the Northern Natural Organics wines that Sleeping Bear Trading Company represents.

While those of us who are familiar with Shawn's wines know their quality; it is still nice when the rest of the world agrees..

Read below for a letter to Shawn Walters in response to his entry of a Leelanau County, Michigan USA Rosé to the 2009 Pacific Rim Wine Competition:

"Hi Shawn,
Your Pinot Noir Rose, 2008, Leelanau Peninsula was awarded the Best Pacific Rim Rose Wine at the 2009 Pacific Rim Wine Competition last week.
Your wine certainly knocked the feet out from under the judges and caused a great stir. They were so impressed by your wine that we were forced for the first time ever, to create a Best Pacific Rim Rose Wine category. Beautiful wine!
About 2000 wines were entered by close to 400 wineries, we had 54 Rose and Blush wines. Your wine competed against all of the reds which totaled 954 entries. It came in second to the Grand Champion and the judges were so upset at the lack of a Best Rose Award that it was agreed we had to create one. You have made history.
Yolanda Daly, Director
Pacific Rim Wine Competition"

See the 2009 Pacific Rim Wine Grand Champions.

A magnificent accolade to add to Shawn's trophys as well as a solid signal to the world to watch the wines from Leelanau County Michigan as here to stay.

Congratulations Shawn!

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